The Academy has a cap on how long a winner can take on stage when accepting the Oscar. They have a total of 45 seconds! Give me a break, Hollywood is so full of themselves, do you really think 45 seconds will cut it? I suppose they have to squeeze in all the “me, me,” “you love me,” in that little time. And Hollywood being what it is, I am sure they don’t have problem working that out. All have broken the 45 second cap, but not as bad as Greer Garson. Greer Garson didn’t let that 45 second rule stop her. She won Best Actress in 1942 for her role in “Mrs Minniver” and her acceptance speech was clocked at 7 minutes! She is in the Guinness World Records as the longest, and no one has broken her record since.

It is said that Joan Fontaine who presented Ms Greer with the Oscar had to take a seat. Ms Greer went on and on about crazy stuff like the “arbitrary nature of awards,” thanked, and thanked everyone including the ants on the set, no just kidding. But you get the picture. But to her credit, it was 1:00 in the morning when she was called and her first line was “I’m practically unprepared.” Yeah, right. Her speech was so long and boring that the starlets in the audience questioned their very own sanity! It is also said that “WC Fields called tipsily for the deployment of snipers.” Something WC would do.

Needless to say Garson never won an Oscar again. Hum, I wonder why?

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