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Helpless B Movie Lover…

Don’t know about you, but I love “B” movies, can’t say why, but I do. I have been spending a lot of time watching copyright free movies on Let me put it to you this way, there are so many “moving images” on this site to keep you busy for a life time! I stayed up one night and watched a post-apocalyptic sci-fi “B” movie recently titled, “The Last Woman on Earth.” (1960)


Hey, why not watch an apocalyptic movie, things nowadays seem like we’re pretty close to that and how better prepare yourself than to see a movie of how humans can easily turn into animals in a end-of-the-world scenario?

No girlfriend, it wasn’t terrorist…


Harold (Antony Carbone) and Evelyn Gern (Betsy Jones-Moreland) are vacationing in beautiful Puerto Rico. You will love the shots of the Island, especially the underwater scenes. As life has it, there is a  third wheel along, Harold’s lawyer, Martin (Robert Towne). Harold has a shady business background, and Martin knows what loop holes to use to keep the stop-at-nothing, work-a-holic Harold from going to jail. The three decide to go scuba diving and when they surface, they realize the world’s oxygen has  left the atmosphere for some unknown reason. Funny, I immediately thought, “terrorist,” but realized, “girl the movie is from the 60’s!” 😛


The Three walk the streets of Old San Juan

Oh yea, let me tell you what I really think…


The three realize they are the last people on earth. They all speculate about what’s happened, “an act of G-d,” or “new bomb.”  But let’s don’t talk about that, let’s just learn to survive. Good call y’all… They walk the empty, eerily quiet streets of Old San Juan, and see dead bodies on streets. One close-up shot of a little girl in a dress dead on the street was disquieting.


They decide to stay in a villa near the beach. The men learn to fish, as fish is the only animal to have survived the end. For a while the three get along, but soon the triangular situation starts to fall apart. One woman, two men, hum, how will that work? It doesn’t. You got the feel that before the world ended for the couple, their world had already ended long ago. And there is no greater epiphany for many, than a good crisis. Evelyn Tells Harold what she really feels about him. “The way you made your money stank…” “And furthermore, Harold you stink!” OKaaay….The fact that she has now fallen in love with free-spirited, third wheel Martin didn’t help the situation.


The Gerns

The film is a good study of human behavior under calamitous circumstances, and not a one of us is exempt from becoming either one of these characters under the same circumstances. The dark side of humans is examined in the film, selfishness, jealousy, and anger as well as purpose of life. The film has some LOL scenes like the fight at the end. I couldn’t stop laughing.

All dressed up for the end of the world

Look good even when the world is ending…

But for the most part, the dialogue and acting make us feel their desperation and distress. I couldn’t get over how Evelyn still wore her jewelry, and Harold wore a tie for their seafood dinners at the villa! Only in the movies would people do that in a post-apocalyptic world! But hey you go Evelyn, be fashionable while the world goes to hell ha! My take on the movie? Well if you never see it, you’re not missing much, but if you do see it, you won’t feel like you wasted 71 minutes of your life. You can see it for free, here.


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2 Responses to “Classic Movie: The Last Woman on Earth”

  1. If I were the last girl on earth I wouldn’t ever worry about makeup or jewelry but I would hope the last men standing were handsome and had amazing survival skills! ha ha

    This film sounds like a lot of fun and it would certainly make you think about what you would do given the same situation. Glad you brought it to our attention and thanks for providing a link so we can watch it.

    I’ve not heard of the actors but I like the premise and as you pointed out B movies rock.


  2. Hi Page, so there with you about the handsome guy! LOL

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